What is coaching?

Find positivity, greater understanding of self, overcome self-limiting beliefs and develop new habits and behaviours that better support your goals.

What does coaching offer?

I am a life coach with neuroscience, this offers an approach that combines the principles of coaching with the extra benefit of insights from neuroscience. I work with clients to achieve their goals and improve their wellbeing, understanding that behaviours and brains are interconnected. When we understand how our brain works it assists us to make meaningful change in our lives.

My aim in working with clients is to help them to understand themselves and their brain better to find positivity, greater understanding of self, overcome self-limiting beliefs and develop new habits and behaviours that better support their goals.

I work with individuals and groups, I have a particular interest in working with teenagers and young adults.

Lucy Cronly

Professional Coach with Neuroscience, WACN registered

I am a Professional Coach with Neuroscience, my approach to coaching is to listen with heart, head and gut so that our inner wisdoms can be accessed, gaps can be bridged to enable us to realise our potential and be our best selves.

I coach using Neuroscience which helps people build useful life skills and manage challenging circumstances.

I am compassionate and energetic working with clients to empower themselves in their lives.

Co-actively, with clients I seek to build a positive, professional relationship in order to reveal client hopes and desires, implementing strategic actions to achieve goals.

My aim is to help the client achieve success with diligent support. I am always seeking ways to enhance and optimise assistance. Highly organised and hardworking with strong attention to detail, I seek to bridge the gap between people and their potential to realise their vision for themselves.

Coaching in the young adult space

I have a strong commitment to opening the coaching space to teenagers and young adults. It is a time in life of huge energy, growth of body, mind, thinking and seeking the path forward.

Working in this space creates opportunity for understanding self better, drilling down values, deep diving into listening skills, understanding habits and choices and creating space between stimulus and response to be the best version of themselves through the turbulence and creative energy of the teenage years into young adulthood.

I have devised a youth programme that has grown with the feedback and interaction of all past participants to look at creating thinking and learning space to negotiate their path forward.

Capturing the ESSENCE of youth (Dan Siegel, Brainstorm 2011) to promote the positive aspects of young adulthood and to understand the challenges.


One realization that emerged in reviewing the science of adolescence was that there is an ESSENCE to this period of life that is often not seen, and often lost in the stress and distraction of this sometimes tumultuous time of life. There are four vital features to adolescence that we can all, whatever age we may be, cultivate:


An Emotional Spark is revealed in the enhanced way emotion generated from sub-cortical areas washes over the cortical circuits of reasoning.  The downsides are emotional storms and moodiness; the upside is a powerful passion to live life fully, to capture life being on fire.


Social Engagement emerges as teens turn more toward peers than parents, the downside being falling prey to peer pressure simply to gain membership in a group, the upside being the central importance of supportive relationships in our lives. Relationships are the key factor associated with medical and mental health, longevity, and even happiness.


Novelty-seeking emerges from shifts in the brain’s dopamine system with the downside of risk-taking behavior and injury, and the upside of having the courage to leave the familiar, certain, and safe home nest for the unfamiliar, uncertain, potentially unsafe world beyond.


Creative Exploration of adolescence is found as we push against the status quo, imagining how things could be, not simply accepting them for what they are.  The downside?  Not just conforming to life as usual can be disorienting and stressful. The upside?  The thrill and passion of discovery—and the reality that most innovations in art, music, science and technology emerge from the adolescent mind.

And so rather than ignoring the ESSENCE of adolescence, what if we shaped our culture—in our homes, our schools, and in our larger society—to cherish and cultivate these qualities?

Dan Siegel, Brainstorming

Supporting our children to be the very best version of themselves.

As a parent we want to support and enable our children to be the very best version of themselves.

The teenage years are difficult to navigate for all involved, seeking to moving from dependence on caregivers, to striving for independence, to the ultimate goal of understanding that we are all interdependent on each other.

The program I have developed for working with teenagers encapsulated the opportunity to self-audit their thinking and plan for what is important to grow in their lives.


I vary the program to capture life skills that young people want to develop. I use the wisdom of Dan Siegel’s Brainstorm (2015) to inform my approach.

I have worked with teenagers and young adults for many years and decided to work as a coach in this area after a conversation with a client who said “Why did I have to wait until I was 44 to figure this stuff out?”

I wrote the speech below when I was asked to speak at one of my son’s graduation from secondary school.

“As you reach another milestone in your life, the completion of your secondary school education….. we, your parents and guardians want you to know and remember a few things;

Step bravely into the arena of your life, enjoy it, figure out what you value, share and live your values. Find others who share what you value and grow your tribe of positivity, support and love.

Your own voice is the one you hear every day, be accountable for how you speak to yourself, you deserve to hear kind words. Be kind to yourself and look after every aspect of your wellbeing.

If at first you don’t succeed keep going, every step forward and everything you try brings new wisdom. Build your wisdom and keep going forward learning and growing.

Boundaries are a protection for your mind, body and spirit. Set them well and know when they have been crossed so they can be reset back where they should be.

Find something every day to be grateful for, little things matter kindness, consideration and good manners. Accept compliments, a thank you and a smile is powerful and simple but is something you can do every day.
Remember always that you are unique, there is no one anywhere else the same as you, enjoy the uniqueness of you, don’t let comparing yourself to others get in your way. Work to be the very best version of you by being better today than you were yesterday, every day.

Spend time with the people who see you and appreciate you and remember that you are loved.

The next step forward is a big one and while you are searching for what is the best thing to do next, please ask yourself; What is the world I’m helping to build?

Also, know that the highest form of maturity is interdependence, when we realise that we all need each other. Step forward knowing that your contribution is needed and there are lots of people with good heart for you, who want you to succeed, who need you and who you need. Wishing you all a very bright future where ever your life’s journey takes you.”

Lucy Cronly 2023

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There are many paths travelled to find what suits best and there is also the opportunity to create something new and unique that suits you.

Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think. No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.

Brene Brown

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